Pretty Merch – a Merch by Amazon Dashboard Chrome Extension

Pretty Merch, a new Chrome extension to give you an overview dashboard of all the metrics for your Merch by Amazon Account.

In short, this extension give you a dashboard that shows you:
  • Shirts which are in under review or in processing
  • Total designs rejected, so can keep an eye on it
  • Your Tier, upload limits and shirts uploaded
  • Sales for Today, Yesterday, Week, Month and Previous Month
  • Chart of last 7 days sales
  • 30 days Best Sellers list
And thats not all it does, you also get:
  • Desktop notification of new sales with ‘cha ching’ sound
  • Quick list of shirts which sold Today
  • Notification when you’re logged out

Let’s take an in-depth look into the dashboard in this video Review

You can download PrettyMerch for free

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